NARAM-52 Staff Members and Mission Assignments
(In development - needing volunteers)

We encourage you to volunteer for any of the tasks shown below and to help us identify additional tasks that will need to be filled (even if you are not a member of Peak City). If you volunteer, please be positive that 1) you will be able to carry out and complete the assignment, 2) Have transportation and time to handle the mission, 3) Have support of your wife and kids and 4) Have resources to cover your incidental costs. This is all volunteer, so there are no reimbursements provided for gas, food, telephone and other personal expenses. All expenditures for equipment and materials must be pre-approved by the CD and Finance Manager to insure we have the funds available and stay within budget. Thanks for your help and understanding. Together we can make this a smooth and enjoyable experience!
NARAM-52 Timeline (pdf)
PositionNameContact InformationResponsibilities
Event and Contest DirectorMike Konshak 1944 Quail Circle
Louisville, CO 80027
Cell: 303-921-8709
Overall Planning and Coordination, Hotel and Banquet liaison, meeting administrator, Coordinate Awards and Website activities. Opens and closes bank account. Primary media contact.
Assistant Event Director
NAR Contest Board
Russ Anthony Home: 720-890-5806
Cell: 303-204-7153
Safety and Rules Advisor, Arbitration. Helps promote and coordinate four or more regional contests with the various sections
Equipment ManagerGeorge Shaiffer Home: 719-392-1000
Heads team that will receive and test NAR Launch equipment, repair and order missing items, deliver to launch site and setup, maintaining and cleaning (rods and rails) equipment during event, charging range batteries, packing up and ship back to NAR HQ.
Competitor's Liason
Auction Gifts
John Boren 719-547-3460
103 South Glenrose Drive
Pueblo West, CO 81007
Some competitors and vendors will be flying in and will need to ship their rockets and range boxes ahead of time. The liaison will take delivery of these shipments and deliver them to the hotel on Friday July 30. Will assist competitors at the end of the meet to help deliver same to UPS locations in Pueblo. This needs to someone that lives in Pueblo and has temporary storage space.
Website ManagerKevin Brady Cell: 720-635-6135
Create registration webpages to receive contestant data and on-line funds through Paypal. Work closely with Registrar and Results manager in publishing current status of event.
Finance Manager
Mike Konshakcd[at] Makes deposits to bank account, receives mail-in registration checks makes deposits, notifies Registrar of entrants, and disbursement of funds as directed by event director. Provide detailed quarterly reports of NARAM income and expenses to the NAR National Events Committee Chairman
RegistrarKevin Brady (acting) Cell: 720-635-6135
Accumulates registration data and submits to website coordinator and treasurer. Insure that all participants have proper credentials, are not missing any information and have paid their fees. Develops printouts of database of those that have sign-in. Acquires data from late registration/walk-ins each day (mostly sport flyers) and adds to database.
Registration Sign-inName Contact Info Greets attendees and walk-in registration at hotel, hands out registration packets with Registration Packet Manager, sets up table on range for sport flyers, coordinates getting data to registrar and webmaster to get data entered into database.
Registration Packet ManagerRon Coffee
w\ Zach Coffee
w\ James Russell
Cell: 303-913-3955
Recruits and heads a team to accumulate and print participant badges, entrants list, official patches, event schedule, vendor give-a-ways and other materials, including bags, to hand out to contestants (only those registered for the entire week-long event). Try to acquire free lanyards for badges and bags from manufacturers or local corporations.
Chief RSOName Contact Info Recruits and trains RSO's for each days activity on both the contest range as well as the sport range. An RSO oversees the checking in of rockets and pad assignments and look at the rocket to see if it is fit to fly. Makes sure that the motor has been mounted correctly, fins are secure, and launch lugs are attached correctly. Should be certified level 1, or higher.
NARAM Range Crew ManagerRuss Anthony Home: 720-890-5806
Cell: 303-204-7153
Accumulates contestant data from registrar, creates job assignments for NARAM contestants, insures smooth transition between shifts. Note: every contestant has a mandatory work assignment every day for two hours, which progresses to a different time shift everyday. Anyone who fails to show up for an assignment without a good reason, will not be allowed to fly that day, and if already flown, will lose those points.
Eggloft CoordinatorJoe Hinton Cell: 303-859-9728
Home: 303-449-9344
Crew: Theresa and Reed Coker
Purchases eggs the week before the event, then weigh/measure/inspect/number(mark) eggs for dual eggloft event. Each contestant may require up to four raw USDA Large hen's eggs, each with a mass of no less than 57 grams and no more than 63 grams, and measuring no more than 45 millimeters in diameter.
NARAM Results ManagerDave Virga Cell: 719-237-4375
Takes all data from Contest Manager Software, verifies data entry to hard copy, and publishes results nightly, submitting results to webmaster
Awards ManagerJoe Hinton Cell: 303-859-9728
Home: 303-449-9344
Assists in the Coordination of design and purchasing awards, getting competitive bids from suppliers, taking delivery, checking for engraving errors, and delivering same to hotel or mid week awards, helps set up sales display. Assist in special requests from competitors.
NAR Benefit Auction CoordinatorName Contact Planning donations and running auctions.
Emblem CoordinatorJoe Hinton
Mike Konshak
Cell: 303-859-9728
Home: 303-449-9344
Home: 303-673-9853
Cell: 303-921-8709
Coordinates and obtains Official patches, lapel pins and T-shirts, quantities based on pre-orders through the website, collects and delivers to host hotel for inclusion in registration packets.
Sales managerName Contact Info Takes delivery of items to be sold at the hotel and launch site. Works closely with registration at hotel. Collects money and gives to finance manager or deposits directly into bank account. Ships extra patches, pins, T-shirts to buyers who did not attend, after the NARAM-52 is over.
Vendor Coordinator
(Rocket supplies)
NameContact Info Recruits and coordinated suppliers of rocket related supplies to make them available to contestants during the week.
Site Coordinator
Ben Whitfield rlwhitfi[at] Coordinates with 4H to keep Hudson Ranch available, works with event coordinator to rent tents, tables, chairs, porta-johns, and helps directs delivery and placement of same. Creates a site map showing Tents, Launch line, concessions, parking, camping, etc. in advance for approval to the team. Creates signs as needed for spectator parking (separate from contestants who may be working out of their cars with EZ-Ups). Recruits grounds keepers for moving trash from totes into dumpster each evening (or as necessary).
Parking/Pit Coordinator
Name Contact Works with site coordinator to physically layout boundries for Launch line, concessions, parking, camping, etc. Helps guide vehicles in on initial days and directs spectator vehicle away from competitor areas. Insures that the driving lanes stay open.
Grounds Keeper
Name Contact Works with site coordinator and recruits help for moving trash from totes into dumpster each evening (or as necessary). Replacing trash bages in totes. We'll all need to chip in on the last day to leave the Hudson Ranch the way we found it.
Campground Manager
Name Contact Provides guidance in positioning overnight campers at the site and provides list of alternate local area campgrounds. Resolves issues and prevents abuses.
Concessions Coordinator
Name ContactLocal member who will Recruit and coordinate with private food concessionaires and civic groups to insure food, water and beverages are available on range during the week. It may be best to have only one (or two) concessions each day to insure profitability for the vendor.
HPR CoordinatorJames Russell Home: 303-425-7184
Cell: 303-548-5531
Recruits and coordinates the HPR clubs for assistance in planning and setting up the HP Sport Range, working closely with SCORE members. Assists Event Director in insuring that all HPR flyers have proper NAR or TRA Certifications.
HPR/Sport Range Crew ManagerLloyd Chumbley 719-264-9621
Accumulates contestant data from registrar, creates and assigns job assignments for HPR contestants, insures smooth transition between shifts. We will need an RSO, LCO, Pad manager and a helper at the Sporting range as well as a Contest manager. 1 hour shifts on Saturday and Sunday. Two hour shifts Mon-Friday.
HPR Results ManagerTBD
Takes all data from 'TBD' Software, verifies data entry to hard copy, and publishes results nightly, submitting results to webmaster. May be responsible for all computers used at the event.
Computer Resources ManagerRon Coffee Cell: 303-913-3955
Insures there are a sufficient number of laptops and power available for scoring, contestant viewing and result publishing. Sets up networking for simultaneous results updating
HP FAA Waiver CoordinatorJason Unwin 719-671-2407
Files paperwork and coordinates with FAA in order to keep the HPR range available during NARAM-52.
Publicity Manager
Mike Konshak (Acting) Cell: 303-921-8709
Coordinates and Works with other members of team to produce materials and promote NARAM-52 in national magazines and Colorado-wide news sources and other NAR sections and TRA prefectures.
Intra-Club Publicity Manager
Name Contact Sends notices to all NAR sections, TRA prefectures, Rocket related websites, Forums, etc. as news updates are required.
Local-area Publicity Manager
Colo Spgs, CO
Warren Layfield Home: 719-646-0175
Works with other members of team to produce materials and promote NARAM-52 in Colorado Springs.
local-area publicity manager
Pueblo, CO
Jason Unwin 719-671-2407
Works with other members of team to produce materials and promote NARAM-52, especially with the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce (Things to do).
Audio-Visual ManagerDave Virga Contact 719-237-4375
Researches and obtains A/V equipment necessary for R&D presentations and for awards banquet. Helps put together video presentation of William S. Roe memorial.
Audio-Visual AssistantZach Coffee Ron (Dad): 303.913.3955 Assists the A/v manager to help chase down items or setup presentations.
Fly-t Take-it CoordinatorJason Unwin Send to:
C/o Southern Colorado Rocketeers
1682 Indian Wells Rd.
Cotopaxi, CO 81223
This promotional event has been practiced at several prior NARAMs. If we do this we would need someone to solicit NAR sections for pre-built rocket contributions to give to spectators that show up during the meet. Will take delivery of all the rockets and bring to the range each day.
L-3 Q&A (Wed 7-8pm)James Russell Contact Info Open forum to discuss L3CC cetrification procedures.
PositionName Contact Info Responsibilities